A Chamberlain’s Welcome…

5 October 2015

Fellow and Head of Communications at MPLS Carolyne Culver writes for the Blog in her new role as Chamberlain at Kellogg.


Friday evening’s Induction and Coming Up Dinner was a great success. New students had the opportunity to meet one another and chat to Fellows. As Senior Tutor Professor Carl Heneghan said to the students, these events are where lifelong friendships are formed.

I survived my first dinner as Chamberlain, welcoming diners and introducing the speakers, all with the aid of the Strudwick Bell. Professor Heneghan and college Dean and Associate Professor Alistair Ross shared their wisdom with the students, and I ended proceedings with my first speech as Chamberlain. Knowing that guests would already have heard from two speakers by the time I took to my feet, and would be praying for me to be brief, I decided to wind everyone up by producing 20 sheets of A4 from the bat wings in my Fellow’s gown. I thought they must have been designed that way for a reason!

None of the uneaten bread rolls were thrown at me so my next gig at Oktoberfest this Thursday should be secure!

The food and the service was fantastic as always – so thank you to the kitchen staff and waiting staff. Thanks also to Academic Office staff Sarah O’Brien and Christopher Hampson for organising the event.

The second Induction and Coming Up Dinner is happening this evening and I’m sure a great time will be had by all. See you at Oktoberfest!


Carolyne Culver