A Word from our President – a summing up

7 April 2014

Our President Jonathan Michie takes a look at some of our achievements from last term and starts to look ahead to the arrival of the next…

At a graduate college the beginning and end of terms isn’t as significant as for colleges with mostly undergraduates, since many of our students are in college all year round. Still, at least when term finishes, there are less committee meetings to attend. In my after-dinner speech at this year’s Foundation Dinner, I commented on what a successful year it appeared to have been for our students, alumni, fellows, and staff – as it had been for the college as a whole. And the same is true of this past term.

The last year saw Oxford beat Cambridge in the Varsity rugby match, with Kellogg student John Carter being captain and ‘man of the match’, and this past term saw Oxford beat Cambridge in the women’s boat-race last Sunday (I write this two days before the men’s race), with Kellogg students Elizabeth Fenje and Alice Carrington-Windo in the winning boat.

As reported in my previous blog, the past year saw several Kellogg Fellows winning funding for Centres for Doctoral Training, and this term our Archaeology Fellow David Griffiths was awarded a prestigious British Academy/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship for 2014-15, to work towards the publication of his Orkney excavation and landscape project, which has always been supported by Kellogg. In giving permission for me to write about David’s award prior to the official press release, the British Academy added ‘You may also quote the fact that it was an extremely fierce competition with only 8 awards on offer, and with 133 applications received, the success rate was therefore just 6%’, going on to say ‘We too are delighted for David and wish him every success with his work’.

This past term we held an enjoyable and productive ‘Fellows evening’ which our new Head of Development & Alumni Relations, Monica Popa, attended to meet the fellows and participate in discussions on Kellogg’s values and ethos, and how to translate the widespread support for the College into financial backing towards scholarships and developing our College site.

And during this past term we hosted an interesting matriculation ceremony and an inspiring Degree Day celebration. But at the latter, for the first time in my six years as Kellogg, the University had failed to print one of the degree certificates – fortunately our graduating student, John Wilmot, was most gracious about it, and came in for lunch yesterday to receive his certificate, which enabled the fellows at lunch to learn far more about his dissertation research than is usually possible during the Degree Day festivities. So, a successful past year, another successful term, and even the Degree Day with no degree ended up for the best.