Déjà vu

12 December 2016


By Martin Harrison

This Michaelmas term Martin Harrison marked the fortieth anniversary of his first matriculation at Magdalen College by celebrating another arrival, at Kellogg, where he is now researching a part-time DPhil. An investment company director since 1989, Martin is studying sovereign wealth fund best practices.

Though, in 1976, Freshers were spared the intricacies of threading their name ticket onto twine, for ease of later identification, standards of photography (if not of hairdressing) were evidently higher. Consequently, “where’s Wally” aficionados may identify Martin in the group photo below from his image in the inset, and this may also be compared with his current, somewhat less hirsute, self.

Magdalen College matriculation - 1976

Martin Harrison - 1976   Martin Harrison - 2016

Martin was a Magdalen Exhibitioner and exact contemporary of his new supervisor, Jonathan Michie, who also read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, but at Balliol College. In a further twist, Martin and wife, Wendy, met as graduate recruits in Shell 36 years ago, and she had also been a contemporary of Jonathan’s, at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Jonathan is Chair of the Board of Governors at UWC Atlantic College and a member of the UWC Council.