Infrastructure, Development and Finance at Kellogg College

11 September 2014

Dr Jennie Middleton Course Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Transport Studies Unit and Kellogg College writes about the latest Leadership Course facilitated by Oxford University’s Transport Studies Unit, which was hosted at Kellogg College at the beginning of September.

At the beginning of September Kellogg College hosted Oxford University’s Transport Studies Unit (TSU) for its ‘Infrastructure, Development and Finance’ Leadership Course within the Global Challenges in Transport programme. The TSU is currently half way through its second successful year of the programme with each of the four courses comprising a blend of lectures, seminars, distinguished visiting speakers, and practice-based workshops with industry experts. Attracting a range of international delegates from both the public and private sector, the courses enable participants to broaden their critical understanding of global transport challenges and how these relate to contemporary economic globalisation, urbanisation, social policy, resource scarcity, and climate change.

Participants were welcomed to Kellogg with a sumptuous networking dinner with pre-dinner drinks accompanied by an engaging talk from Ben Plowden, Director of Surface Transport at TFL, on the current UK government’s application of behavioural science to transport policy-making.

Throughout the week the key themes of ‘infrastructure’, ‘development’ and ‘finance’ were engaged with from a variety of transport perspectives. For example, Professor Naomi Brookes from Leeds University delivered a session on Mega Project Management, addressing the extreme complexity and challenges surrounding such large-scale infrastructure and project management schemes. Whilst Toru Kubo from the Asian Development Bank provided a macro-level perspective on the Bank’s roles and responsibilities in relation to transport infrastructure. The internationally renowned transport commentator broadcaster and journalist, Christian Wolmar, concluded the week by stimulating a lively final debate with an engaging talk on mega-projects and the much-debated HS2 scheme in the UK.

The course hosted delegates from the UK, US, China, Mauritius, Finland and Belgium who were able to not only spend the week engaging with a broad range of speakers but had opportunities to network and share their professional experiences with each other.

The TSU and Kellogg look forward to welcoming a further set of participants for the December course on ‘Health, Well-being and Urban Mobility’. For further details please see the website or contact Lucy Mahoney (Course Coordinator)