Our Presidents’ Holiday Reading…

10 July 2014
 Kellogg College Summer Ball

Some of our students enjoying the Kellogg College Summer Ball

I write at the end of another eventful and successful term. Term started with our new Facilities Manager Jason King joining us – he has had a busy term of events to oversee in addition to reviewing our existing facilities and looking at ways they might be enhanced. And this week we welcomed our new Domestic Bursar, Mel Parrott.

Our students held another hugely successful annual Ball (pictured above) – with the tickets sold out even further ahead of the event than last year. And yesterday Emma Moran was confirmed as the new MCR President, along with an impressively strong MCR team. I look forward to working with them over the next academic year to ensure we maintain and build upon the very positive momentum the previous MCR team, led by President George Taylor, achieved.

Our fellow Martin Ruhs is to be congratulated on winning the 2014 Best Book Award from the American Political Science Association’s Migration and Citizenship Section for The Price of Rights: Regulating International Migration (Princeton University Press, 2013). Martin held a joint book launch event at Kellogg with Tara Stubbs, where they introduced each other’s books, Tara’s being American Literature and Irish Culture, 1910-55: The politics of enchantment (Manchester University Press, 2013). So, my holiday reading is all arranged!

I hope that you have a good summer vacation, and I look forward to seeing you in College during Michaelmas Term.

Jonathan Michie.