Kellogg students tour Parliament with Lord Bilimoria

16 May 2018

For this post we asked Bastiaan van Dalen (MSc Applied Landscape Archaeology) to write about his trip to the Houses of Parliament, with fellow Kellogg students, as the guests of Kellogg Bynum Tudor Fellow Lord Bilimoria. 

On Friday 4th May, I was part of the lucky group of Kellogg students who were invited by Bynum Tudor Fellow Lord Bilimoria for a tour of the Houses of Parliament. During this fascinating tour we were explained the history of the Palace of Westminster and told how the business and traditions of both Houses contribute to the day to day workings of the UK parliament and the country as a whole.

Although the parliament including the famous Big Ben might arguably be the most recognizable British landmark, most international Kellogg students have never had the opportunity to experience the parliament in such a direct way. Regardless of having been in the United Kingdom for over three years now, the opportunity to go on this tour made me realize that frankly, while we study here, many of us foreign students see and know surprisingly little of the country beyond Oxford.

Besides providing an exciting opportunity to be away from the books for a day and meeting a bunch of new people from our College, this experience allowed us to gain an inside experience of the British government. Being a member of the House of Lords, Lord Bilimoria further generously took the time to answer any questions we had, giving us most interesting and personal insights into his experiences of the politics of the United Kingdom. This tour proved once again the great strengths of the collegiate system at Oxford, as well as the close relationship between students and fellows that Kellogg’s egalitarian and informal stance stimulates!

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