Cancellation Policy

Guest Night Dinner: cancellation policy

Cancellations are accepted up to noon seven days prior to the event. After this date, should you find that either you or your guest/s are unable to attend, please contact the Bookings Office so that we can attempt to re-fill your place/s from the event’s waiting list. Three days before the event, it becomes your responsibility to find a replacement – you will only be asked to email us the name of those taking your place, who in turn will have to confirm the substitution in a separate email. Please note that, without both the aforementioned emails, no place-swapping can be accepted and you will still be charged for non-attendance.

Guest Night Dinner: non-attendance

If you and/or your guests/s fail to attend the dinner without notification of cancellation before the stated deadline, you will be charged in full for all attendees booked.

All booking enquiries for College events should be directed to the College Receptionist via