Anne Levesque

Anne Levesque Alumni MST IHRL 2015

Anne Levesque with her family at Kellogg College, 2015

Anne Levesque (MSt International Human Rights Law, 2015) is co-director of the Law Practice Program at the University of Ottawa, where she helped create and implement an innovative experiential learning program for law school graduates aiming to help them develop practical skills, foster community involvement and promote access to justice in French.

Anne is also a human rights lawyer who has worked with a wide range of equality seeking groups, legal clinics and not-for-profit organisations on test case litigation, interventions, appeals and law reform initiatives. She was one of the lawyers representing the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society in its historic human rights complaint against the Government of Canada for its discriminatory treatment of 163,000 First Nations children across Canada. Her studies in International Human Rights Law allowed her to develop innovative legal arguments relating to the appropriate remedies in this case.

When asked about her time at Kellogg, Anne said:

“Kellogg was the perfect fit for me. I started my graduate studies while pregnant and attended the in-person portion shortly after giving birth. Before heading to Oxford, I was worried that studying with a new born was going to be impossible. However, everyone at Kellogg was extremely understanding, accommodating and thoughtful. The team at Kellogg consistently went above and beyond to make my family and me feel welcome. It is one of the only colleges in Oxford that not only allows children but warmly welcomes them to college events. The fact that Kellogg caters to part-time students means that it tends to attract mature students with rich and diverse life experiences. This considerably enhanced my university experience. My best memories of Oxford involve engaging in enlightening discussions with colleagues from Kellogg over delicious food and wine while my daughter played outside in the beautiful garden with other children. This is the place to go if you don’t want your schooling to get in the way of your education.”