Leo Carrington

Leo Carrington sitting in the number 3 seat

Leo Carrington sitting in the number 3 seat

Leo Carrington is studying for an MSc in History of Science, Medicine and Technology and is a member of the 2016 Oxford University Boat Club Squad.

We asked Leo a few questions about his rowing and how he balances his time studying with the time needed to train as a member of the OUBC Squad.

For how long have you been a rower?

I have been rowing since I was 15, however before arriving in Oxford in September, I hadn’t been in a boat for 3 years. I’d been training to ensure I got through the pre-season selection, but at times it did feel like starting from scratch!

What first attracted you to rowing?

Rowing started off as something to do once the rugby season was over, but I was really pulled in by the athleticism and teamwork needed.

Tell us about your average day as a student and OUBC Squad member

The average weekday for me looks something like this: I am usually up some time before 07:00 to head down to the Iffley road gym for some training on the rowing machines or weights for an hour or so. I have a relatively busy course and so after showering I usually eat some breakfast during the morning lecture or tutorials. Pretty much the entire afternoon is taken up by travel to Wallingford where the OUBC is located and a session on the water. I’m home by 17:30 usually, where I try and start on the reading for my studies. In short, it’s a busy day!

How do you manage to fit training in around your studies?

At the moment like you say, I am fitting training around studies, but as we get to the sharp end of the season I will need to be fitting in the studies around rowing. The trick is to have a super organised diary so I know where I need to be, and where I can fit in some extra study, or life admin…

What do you enjoy about rowing at Oxford?

The best thing about rowing at Oxford is the fantastically singular focus of the set-up which has been refined over many years. Everything is geared towards putting out the two fastest boats on Boat Race day and Oxford must be one of the best set-ups in the world to improve anyone’s rowing. Its a fairly tough environment but in rowing this tends to form excellent friendships. I’d definitely recommend any College rowers to get involved with the development squad!

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