Sarah Tearne

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Here we meet Sarah Tearne who is studying for an MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care (2015-2016) as well as playing rugby for Oxford University (OURFC).

What were you doing before you came to study at Oxford?

Before I started studying at Oxford I was working as a Clinical Trial Manager in the University of Oxford Primary Care Health Sciences Clinical Trials Unit. I worked on weight management, smoking cessation and infection trials but the department is running research on a whole host of other health issues, including reducing antibiotic use. I managed three clinical trials and a team of six people.

How did you become involved in rugby at Oxford?

I went to the Fresher’s Fair with some of my new friends from College, one of whom had played rugby during her undergraduate degree. She was keen to sign up to rugby here at Oxford and managed to convince me to go along to the first taster session. I have to say I was hooked on that first day! It was so much fun, the girls were of all ages and abilities as well as really friendly and welcoming, and they have world class coaches.

I also love that there is a position for every shape and size of woman in rugby! It is such a diverse game that there is room for everyone. I’ve never really been a sporty girl, but in rugby I found something that I was good at and celebrated my body shape. It is a great way to stay fit. Much more interesting than jogging on a treadmill for half an hour. In fact, most of the time I was having so much fun at training that it didn’t even feel like exercise!

Since joining the team I have made lots of friends, I have surprised myself in so many ways and it really has enhanced my university experience in a way I had not thought possible. I am so passionate about rugby that at the end of last term I ran for a position on the committee and was voted in as a Development Officer for the next academic year.

What have been OUWRC’s achievements this year?

This year was the first year our Blue’s team played their Varsity match at Twickenham with the men. It is a historic achievement and something that we are very proud of. We are also combining the women’s rugby team (OUWRFC) with the men’s team so that we are all under one banner of OURFC. We are also running our first cuppers tournament this term with the finals being played on 7th May. Even if you don’t fancy coming on the field just yet, come down and support us!

What are you enjoying most about being a Kellogg student?

Kellogg has such a diverse student population. I have met so many interesting people and made new friends that will be friends for life. It also has the best food!

How do you think being a student at Kellogg differs from being a student at the other Oxford colleges?

A lot of the students at Kellogg don’t live in College, which is quite different from students at other colleges. But that doesn’t stop us having a very rich community and the College always has lots of activities going on, which I think is very impressive with such a peripatetic student body. My personal favourites are the MCR yoga classes and MCR movie nights on Sundays.

What are you hoping to do after Oxford?

After I have completed the MSc I hope to utilise the skills I’ve learnt in my job, taking on more complex trials and being more involved in the development of new research ideas for my department. I’m not completely ruling out doing a DPhil but the circumstances would have to be right.

I also intend on playing rugby after I leave! Women’s rugby is growing in this country so I just need to find a local women’s team and I will be signing up on the dotted line. I really can’t imagine my life without rugby now.

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