Celebrating 25 Years of Kellogg College

30 June 2015

On Saturday 27th June members of Kellogg College came together to celebrate the College’s 25th Anniversary.


From left to right: Alumna Navlika Ramjee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education Sally Mapstone, and President of Kellogg College Jonathan Michie

Members of College were entertained with live jazz and afternoon tea, whilst the children of fellows, students and alumni learnt circus skills and enjoyed having their faces painted. Speeches were given followed by a toast to the College.

In her speech Navlika Ramjee, Kellogg alumna and founding MCR President, said that Kellogg offers “a place in my life where I feel completely at ease, completely accepted, and warmly welcomed. Something rare for any institution to achieve.”

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, Professor Sally Mapstone said that, “Kellogg is known across the University to be forward-thinking and inclusive and I am always struck by what a diverse and vital community Kellogg students create.” She concluded with, “Kellogg College brings principles and its values of informality and fun to the University of Oxford.”

Alumna Joy Richardson told us, “I felt I didn’t belong at Oxford. But the welcome I received from everyone at Kellogg means that of course I do belong. Kellogg opened my mind and challenged my assumptions. It’s changed my life and the way I see the world – in a gentle and caring way. Kellogg College gives people the opportunity to be part of something that they thought they never could.”