ChChellogg M1 go Head of the River!

29 May 2017

Head of the River boat burning

ChChellogg M1 have achieved the ultimate accolade in Summer Eights: Head of the River. They bumped Oriel M1 on the first day and then saw off determined efforts from Keble M1, going on to win headship. W1 weren’t far behind, coming third overall in this immensely competitive series of races. They managed to bump twice (Magdalen and Univ) to reach what is possibly W1’s highest ever position.

W2 bumped four times in four days and went up to division 3, one of the best ever results for W2. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite blades-worthy as two of the bumps were on the same day, but a tremendous result nonetheless and particularly encouraging that more than half the boat was from Kellogg. Simona Sulikova deserves a special mention as she somehow managed to be a part of both W1 and W2, so was personally involved in every women’s bump of the regatta.

M2 bumped St Peters M1 on day two, rowing over on all other days. They finished at position four in Division 3, moving up one position overall.

Kellogg students row with Christ Church in combined boats, holding their own in crews that include several University blues. Congratulations to everyone who took part in what must be the ChChellogg crews’ best ever performance in Summer Eights:

  • John O’Mara – M1
  • Sarah Hagaman – W1
  • Simona Sulikova – W1 cox, and(!) W2 rower
  • Ariane Gomes – W2
  • Alex Gushurst-Moore – W2
  • Dani Loader – W2
  • Ashley Parham (née Ellington) – W2
  • George Blomfield – M2
  • Anurag Kapur – M2
  • Bastiaan Van Dalen – M2