A new building for Kellogg College

29 July 2015

Kellogg College has appointed the award-winning architectural practice Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios as the architects for a new, ultra-low energy building in the centre of the College grounds.

Architect's drawing of the proposed College Hub

Architect’s drawing of the proposed College Hub

The new College Hub building will provide common room and café facilities for all College members. This exciting new development will have a transformative effect on College life through the provision of a new and vibrant centre for the College’s social activities and events.

This building will be the first in the University of Oxford to make use of the high sustainability Passivhaus design approach. The Passivhaus building methodology has been proven to produce buildings with both exceptionally low energy demand and the highest standards of occupant comfort.

The University of Oxford’s Head of Environmental Sustainability, Tom Heel says of the project, “The University has a long-standing commitment to the highest levels of sustainability. The Passivhaus methodology is at the cutting edge of low energy design and has proven, more than any other, that it can deliver comfortable buildings that perform as designed.  As the first non-domestic Passivhaus project in Oxford the Kellogg College Hub has the potential to lead the way both within the University and for the City.”

We are seeking to raise £2.2 million in pledges towards the total cost for the project. Significant donations will be recognised via a donors’ wall in the new building. For extremely generous donations there is the opportunity for rooms to be named, as well as the building itself. Further information about our campaign can be found on the College Hub page.