College Library redecoration works

21 June 2017

The College Library will be closed for redecoration and other work for three weeks from 26 June, re-opening on 17 July.

We regret the need for the closure but, since much of the work is in the hall and stairway and requires scaffolding, there is no alternative. Minor work may also occur during August, which may create disturbance in some areas or require the closure of individual rooms for a few hours.

Closure has been timed for after the end of term, partly in the hope of minimising the impact on the College community, and partly to enable us to complete work this financial year as the funding requires. During the closure students needing to work in College may wish to explore the wonderful new facilities provided by the Hub (if they have not already done so), and may use the Fellows’ Workroom on the top floor of no. 62, which will be left open.

By the end of the summer the Library should be more welcoming and attractive – a single, integrated, dedicated space for study at the heart of the College. There will be more work space, with the Fellows’ Common Room brought fully into the Library as an informal reading-room and the creation of a further small reading-room upstairs, and there will be improvements to lighting and security. We hope this will be of benefit to the entire College community, and shall be grateful for patience while the necessary work takes place.

Paul Barnwell
Fellow Librarian