Community Engagement Awards 2018

13 March 2018

The Community Engagement Awards were presented to outstanding Kellogg students at a ceremony in March. The awards were presented by Kellogg Senior Tutor Elizabeth Gemmill to students who demonstrated a commitment to community engagement. Examples of community engagement include, but are not restricted to, disseminating research to the public such as in schools, a research-related blog with proven interest in its content, developing new applications, and engaging with wider media such as through an exhibition or use of social media.

The award winners

This year’s winners are Khamis Elessi (MSc Evidence-Based Health Care), Ashley Elkington (MSc Learning and Teaching), Sharon O’Connor (MSt Literature and Arts), and Stephen Wass (DPhil Architectural History). Iain Chalmers collected the award on behalf of Dr Khamis Elessi who could not attend the ceremony because he lives and works in Gaza.

Speaking on receiving the award, Sharon O’Connor told us:

“I am so happy to be given this award, both as an affirmation of the work I’ve been doing in the South London community, but also because it comes from my College, as my course at Oxford has been such an enjoyable part of my life over the last two years. I will be using the award to help fund a project to teach school pupils how to take oral histories. We will interview people from  Bell House’s past but the students will be able to take the skills they learn into their own schools, families and community.”

Find out more about the award winners research and community engagement projects, here.