Driverless cars: can they be hacked?

20 March 2015

In an article for the Observer, Fellow and Professor of Systems Security Andrew Martin discusses driverless cars with a number of other leading experts. Andrew states, “Nothing is hack-proof – everything is a trade-off between how much you want to invest in protecting it, and how much your adversary wants to invest in breaking it. As far as anyone knows, the number of people who want to do malicious damage to cars is very low, and the number of highly malicious people with the means to do such a thing is very low indeed. Unless hackers can find a way to hack your car and turn a profit, they won’t be interested. To get an MOT certificate, autonomous vehicles are going to need very careful safety analysis. That doesn’t mean they won’t be hackable, but it does mean there will be lots of fail-safes in place. I expect to see more attention paid to their security within the expert community. There’s much more prospect of malicious activity on all the other things that are getting connected to the internet.” Read the full article here.