Our community and the EU referendum result

5 July 2016

Following the results of the referendum on membership of the EU, the Vice Chancellor has written to reassure members of the University that there will be no sudden or immediate change to people’s immigration status, student fee status, or to the funding programmes that support our work. We would like to reassure College members that the formal process for leaving the EU will take some time and we anticipate no immediate disruption to work or study.

It goes without saying that the values of friendship and inclusion that are typical of this College remain unchanged.

You can find the University’s statements on the result of the EU referendum here

If you are a student, or an offer-holder, please visit this page for further information.

Information for EU applicants/offer-holders for the academic year 2016/17:

·         Tuition fees for EU students already published for the academic year 2016/17 will be unchanged; for students starting in 2016/17 these are outlined in offer letters (see Your contract with the University web page)

·         Changes to fees and charges in subsequent years for on-course students who start in 2016/17 are set out on the Changes to Fees and Costs pages for graduate study

·         If you are in receipt of University funding, the University is committed to the provision of this support

·         There will be no immediate changes to immigration status and fee status

·         The Student Loans Company has confirmed that EU students commencing an eligible course in academic year 2016/17 will be able to apply for student loan support for the duration of their course

For EU students intending to apply for entry in the academic years 2017/18, or holding an offer for deferred entry in 2017/18:

·         Tuition fees for 2017/18 have not yet been agreed. Tuition fees for 2017/18 will be published on the University website at the beginning of September 2016

·         Please refer to the UKCISA website for up to date information and advice on studying in the UK