Fellow awarded inaugural Fellowship at the Alan Turing Institute

2 June 2016

Frank Wood, Fellow and Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science, has been appointed as one of the inaugural Faculty Fellows at the Alan Turing Institute.

The Institute, based at the British Library and launched in November 2015, has been established to enable researchers from across industry and academia to work together to undertake research at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, statistics and systems engineering. The Institute will also work to provide advice to policy makers and act as a hub for leaders in academia and industry from across the globe to engage with the UK in data science. The Faculty Fellows have been selected from across the Institute’s five partner universities.

Frank Wood will spend one day a week at the Institute leading research in Probabilistic Programming and Artificial Intelligence, supervising DPhil students, and collaborating with Post-Doctoral Researchers and other Faculty Fellows affiliated with the Institute.

Probabilistic programming languages (PPL)s embody a new programming paradigm that aims to make modeling, inference, machine learning, and artificial intelligence easy and painless. PPLs are specifically designed to make it possible for even non-expert practitioners to write their own probabilistic models in a language which explicitly abstracts away the hard-part: writing bespoke algorithms and inference code.

Frank Wood is the inventor of three probabilistic programming languages, Anglican, Probabilistic-C, and the Scenarios Excel plugin marketed by Invrea Limited.  For more information about these languages and probabilistic programming in general please visit Frank Wood’s website.