Flying the Rainbow flag for LGBT History Month

2 February 2016

rainbow flag

Kellogg College is joining the celebration of LGBT History Month by flying the Rainbow flag. The initiative came about with a proposal by the MCR in 2015, which was readily taken up by the College’s Governing Body. Our President, Prof Jonathan Michie, said that flying the flag is;

“a symbolic way for the College to affirm its longstanding commitment to promoting equality and diversity within our community of students, staff, fellows, and alumni. We are coming to the end of our 25th Anniversary year and flying the flag is a good reminder that inclusion, equality, diversity and welfare have been a continuing core aspect of our ethos, since our foundation in 1990, and that these values underpin everything that we do.”

The flag will next be raised on Tuesday 23rd February to mark the University of Oxford’s annual LGBT History Month lecture. Further information about the lecture is available here.