How Different is Oxbridge?

24 May 2018

Students rate their experience at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge significantly more positively than their counterparts at other Russell Group institutions, which are not viewed very differently from other UK campuses.

That is the overarching theme to emerge from a Higher Education Policy Institute study , co-authored by Kellogg student Charlotte Freitag (MSc Cognitive Evolutionary Anthropology), that draws on six editions of its annual Student Academic Experience Survey ­­to see how Oxbridge compares with other universities.

According to the analysis, Oxbridge students are more satisfied with their courses, believe that they get better feedback and enjoy greater well-being than those attending other Russell Group institutions, despite studying for longer hours.

Kellogg student Charlotte Freitag, who co-authored the report with Nick Hillman, Hepi’s director, said that she was “surprised that Oxbridge students are happier and more satisfied with their lives…while working 12 hours more per week”.

“On the other hand, I did not expect them to perceive their teaching to be less original than students elsewhere, but that is the case,” she said.

Read the report in full here