How IVF became a licence to print money

20 June 2018

Professor Carl Heneghan has been interviewed for The Guardian in an article investigating the regulation of private fertility clinics and the routine sale of ‘add-on’ treatments.

The article highlights that in 2016, add-ons were investigated by the BBC’s Panorama programme, based on research from the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. Kellogg Fellow Carl Heneghan is quoted as saying that, “This is not a difficult area to reduce uncertainty … you want to know live birthrates, and you can do that systematically. But because this is the private sector there’s no incentive to reduce uncertainty.” He also goes against the argument that trials in this scientific area are difficult to do. This, he says, has “always been the answer.” “It’s almost like you’re dragging people into an evidence-based world. It’s 2018.”

Read the article in full here.