Introducing our Junior Research Fellows

4 July 2016

Kellogg College is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Junior Research Fellows.

Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran says of the appointment, “I am delighted to have been elected to a Junior Research Fellow at Kellogg College. As a Fellow, I will endeavour to increase the links between my group,  the Oxford e-Research Centre and Kellogg College. I am keen on liaising with Kellogg members and create new opportunities for research collaborations,  promoting my interest in interdisciplinary research and applying my computing skills to solve problems in different domains. I will advise Kellogg students and help them navigate issues they might encounter during their studies. I hope that being a Fellow will also give me a platform to raise the profiles of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by organising seminars and outreach activities.”

Jess Briggs is a Departmental Lecturer in Second Language Acquisition in the Department of Education, she says “I am delighted to have been elected to a JRF. I am indebted to Kellogg for the College’s support to me during my academic study at Oxford and I am very much looking forward to paying forward that support by advising current and future Kellogg students in Education and related fields. I look forward to connecting with students and Fellows alike over lunches and dinners and at the many fascinating research-related events hosted by the College.”

David Johnson told us that he is, “…delighted and honoured to have been elected to a JRF at Kellogg College. Having been a Common Room Member for the past few years, the fellowship will now help me promote the College both inside and outside the University, as well as make connections across the range of the College’s disciplines of research. In particular, I am hoping to build links across university departments within the healthcare technology theme, an area that is related to my university post as a Senior Research Associate in the Oxford e-Research Centre.”

Junior Research Fellows are employed by the University of Oxford in a research role and they are appointed to the fellowship at the College by a panel comprising the Senior Tutor and other Fellows. The length of their fellowship is for the duration of their University post or for 3 years, whichever is shortest.