Kellogg awards prestigious Naji Scholarship

25 April 2018

Our congratulations go to Nicholas DeVito who has been awarded Kellogg’s second Naji Scholarship.

Nicholas DeVito, Naji Scholar

We asked Nicholas to tell us about his research, he said “I am starting as a DPhil Candidate in the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences this term. My research interests are related to transparency and ethics in clinical research and practice. My work at Oxford’s EBM Datalab with Dr. Ben Goldacre has focused mainly on transparency in the reporting of clinical trials. I helped launch and maintain the FDAAA TrialsTracker, co-write the Unreported Clinical Trial of the Week at The BMJ and recently published an audit of the transparency policies of non-commercial funders of health research in JAMA. My other current projects include a tracker for EU clinical trial results and examining redacted material in clinical study reports. Previously, I worked at Columbia University’s Center on Medicine as a Profession studying the impact of the Open Payments program, the US governments’ conflict of interest database. I have co-authored papers on physician conflict of interest in The American Journal of Bioethics and BMJ Open.”

When asked what the scholarship means to him and his academic career, he told us “I am honoured to be a Naji Foundation Scholar and am excited to begin my studies at Kellogg College. The generous support of the Naji Foundation is enabling me to continue my work on transparency and research integrity while pursuing a DPhil. This studentship was designed to support research that impacts evidence-based practice in medicine. My work helps to ensure that evidence generated in clinical trials is properly disseminated to both inform future research and policy as well as honour the commitment to the patients who participate in these studies. I look forward to reading for my DPhil under Dr Ben Goldacre and Professor Carl Heneghan.

Following my time at Oxford, I hope to continue working toward policies in both the private and public sectors that ensure clinical research and practice are conducted with transparency, accountability and integrity.”

Nicholas has a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Masters of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration from the Yale School of Public Health. We look forward to welcoming him to the Kellogg community.

The scholarship was made possible through the kind generosity of the Naji Foundation. The Foundation was established in 2014 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Samir Naji with the aim of supporting activities and research that increase the use and understanding of evidence in healthcare.