Kellogg elects its first Proctor

20 March 2015

Elizabeth Gemmill has been elected as Kellogg’s first Proctor.

The Proctors make sure that the University operates according to its statutes and, as well as being members of key decision-making committees, they deal with student discipline, complaints about university matters, the running of University examinations, and they also carry out ceremonial duties.

Elizabeth, who will join the Proctors’ Office in March 2016, writes:

“I first came to the University in 1986 as a research assistant on a medieval economic history project at the Ashmolean Museum, and I have spent most of my working life in Oxford. Between 1991 and 2000 I worked in the Academic Division in the University’s central administration, at first as secretary of several inter-faculty committees and then of a number of faculty boards. This gave me the opportunity to meet academic and senior administrative staff in a number of different college and department settings, and to experience decision-making about research, teaching, appointment and funding strategies.

Since my appointment in 2006 as a University Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Local History in the Department for Continuing Education and as a Fellow of Kellogg College, I have chosen to take on tasks that have enabled me to meet and work with colleagues in other faculties, departments and colleges and, accordingly, to see the context in which my own college and department play out their respective roles. I have been a Dean of Degrees for Kellogg since 2006 and a member of the Continuing Education Board since 2011.

In my time at the University I have experienced many examples of excellence, in research, teaching and administration, and have gained insight into the framework in which it has been achieved. I am delighted to have been elected as Kellogg’s first Proctor and look forward to contributing to the life of the University in all the ways that the role requires.”