Kellogg Fellows at Evidence Live 2015

26 March 2015

Several Kellogg Fellows led by our Senior Tutor Carl Heneghan, and including Annette Plüddemann, Jeremy Howick, Sharon Mickan, and Kamal Mahtani, will be speaking at the Evidence Live conference from 13th-14th April.

Evidence Live is a partnership between The BMJ and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. They seek answers to the question: how can we transform healthcare for the better? This conference combines debate on the latest issues with education and practical skills development. The annual Evidence Live conference is unlike any other event in healthcare. It brings together leading speakers in evidence-based medicine from all over the world, from the fields of research, clinical practice & commissioning.

Evidence Live is the place for learning about the latest advances in evidence-based healthcare and finding out how they can be best applied in clinical practice.

At the Evidence Live conference researchers, clinicians and professionals, working with evidence at different stages in the healthcare chain, learn about important issues in healthcare. The programme is designed to showcase the most innovative ideas, processes and best practices that form the foundations of an evidence-based approach.

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