Kellogg is awarded Green Impact Gold Award

21 June 2019

On Thursday 20th June, The University’s Environmental Sustainability Team held their Sustainability Showcase, incorporating this year’s NUS Green Impact Awards.

Rodrigo, Sarah & Christopher (Academic Office) & Gabrielle (MCR Green Officer)

Last year, the Academic Office’s Rodrigo Hernandez, who spearheaded the College’s involvement in the Green Impact project, collected a Bronze Award on behalf of the College.  This year, thanks to his efforts and those of the MCR Green Officer, Gabby Kiliman, we received a Gold Award; an amazing achievement, as we completely skipped the Silver Award! Rodrigo’s and Gabby’s efforts were also recognised with individual awards for each of them.

Rodrigo also gave an inspiring presentation, highlighting the many projects Kellogg and its members have undertaken over the last year. Projects which included:

  • Taking part in local projects to promote nature and biodiversity, such as Oxford Plan Bee
  • Promoting eco-friendly and sustainable eating habits – Veggie Pledge in November, Fair Trade Month in February and introducing Meat Free Monday in College
  • Uni Cycle Challenge – Kellogg staff topped the 20-49 Staff category nationally
  • World Walking – staff completed a virtual walk across Europe (3532 miles/5685 km)
  • Trialing shower timers in our student accommodation
  • Creating space for wildlife, e.g. bat boxes, hedgehog igloos, etc.
  • Embedding sustainability in Job Descriptions
  • Energy Awareness, such as using Green Impact wall thermometers

The College’s efforts are not stopping there though, there’s the Gold Plus Award to aim for next. Projects for the coming year include:

  • an MCR Green Guide for Freshers
  • Zero Waste refilling station (under consideration)
  • Worm farms
  • Working with the Gardens Committee to incorporate sustainability into the redesign of the College gardens.
  • a Sustainability Committee