Kellogg Library Expansion

25 January 2016
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The Lilian Butler Davey Room

There have been significant developments in the Library since last term.

In response to ongoing feedback from across the Kellogg community requesting more work space, we have opened the Lilian Butler Davey Room for use as an additional study space. This has enabled us to create nine new work spaces in very attractive surroundings, bringing the total number of work spaces to around 40. It represents a significant stage in realising the ambition to make the whole of the ground and first floors of no.60 into a dedicated Library space with an adequate number of attractive desks and study spaces.

The Lilian Butler Davey Room is open to all Kellogg members to use as a place for quiet study. You can find the room on the first floor of no.60 Banbury Road, along from the Stopforth-Metcalfe Room.

There have also been major developments in the collections. We have acquired the National Resource Centre for Historic Dance, which has over many years been created and curated by the Early Dance Circle. The collection, available in the Lilian Butler Davey Room, contains much material concerning gesture and costume, and some material relating to early music and some aspects of art history. It is not yet catalogued and is shelved in random order, but a list can be consulted here, and we hope to shelve the collection in list order during the next few weeks since full cataloguing will take some time.

In addition, we have acquired a small collection of books related to mythology and folklore, which available in the Lilian Butler Davey Room pending cataloguing and integration into the main collection. The College is grateful to the donors of both these collections, and for other donations received over the past few months. Finally, the substantial archaeology holdings are now catalogued and on the shelves, mostly in the Herbert Lane Annex, and will be properly ordered during the next few weeks.

There have also been less obvious developments, including the provision of new shelving to ensure that we have some space for the expansion of book stock.

We have plans for further enhancements to the Library, which we hope to begin implementing in the coming weeks and months. Some we are sure you will notice when you next visit the Library; others we will announce in further College communications. As ever, if you have comments, questions or suggestions concerning the Library, please email the Fellow Librarian Paul Barnwell.