Kellogg Student makes Canadian Women in Global Health List 2018

21 November 2018

Linda Beyer is an interdisciplinary researcher and global health practitioner. She has a wide range of experience across Sub‐Saharan Africa, working with UNICEF and leading  a flagship research initiative for the Global Affairs Canada, Canadian Institutes for Health Research and International Development Research Centre ‐ Innovations in Maternal And Child Health in Africa (IMCHA).

She is currently studying for a DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development at Kellogg, researching Urban Food Deserts: Exploring Dimensions of Resilience and Food Insecurity of Vulnerable Urban Populations in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as being tutor for the Global Health programme at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian Women in Global Health List is the brain child of Jocalyn Clark (The Lancet) and was founded in collaboration with Eva Slawecki (Canadian Society of International Health) and Sara Lawley (Government of Canada). It was inspired by a broader global movement to recognise the achievements and expertise of women in global health.

Their main purpose, however, was to create a reference for journal editors and conference organisers who, too frequently, “say they cannot find enough women experts in global health to contribute to peer review, articles, speaking engagements, or panels” (Canadian Women in Global Health List 2018).

The list was developed using nominations from across Canada and includes Canadian women leaders from across academia, government, non-governmental organisations, civil society and international organisations. The first ever list is published today, 21st November 2018.

To read more about the initiative, click here

Click the link to see the list: Canadian Women in Global Health List 2018