Meet the new MCR President

31 May 2017

Claire Macht has been elected as the new President of Kellogg’s Middle Common Room, representing all of our students. During her one year tenure, Claire will work with the MCR Committee to continue to make Kellogg a welcoming and supportive environment for both full-time and part-time students.

Claire is originally from Canada and currently resides in Munich, Germany. She first encountered Kellogg during the 2014/5 Postgraduate Certificate in Historical Studies, taught through the Department of Continuing Education, and became an official member when she started studying for a DPhil in History in 2015.

Of her election as MCR President, Claire said:

I have been involved with the MCR since my first year and, now going into my third, I have not lost any of my enthusiasm for the Kellogg community. The diversity of experience, the welcoming and warm atmosphere, and the sheer dedication of students, fellows, and staff make Kellogg an energising place to study. The MCR can make a key contribution to creating this environment, with our social activities, welfare and academic support, and representing students within the college administration. As MCR President I want to continue to support this positive ethos for current students, help develop what college can offer for future students, and also make Kellogg a place for students to come back to, so they can continue to experience the energy and enthusiasm of the college community.

The new Hub has the potential to transform the social dynamic of the college space but it is the continuing efforts of the students, fellows, and staff that makes Kellogg the vibrant community that it is. I invite all Kellogg students to contribute to making their experience at Kellogg a remarkable one, for themselves and their fellow Kellogians. The new MCR Committee comprises:

Robin Ankele – Vice-President
Claire MacPherson – Secretary
Anne Nierobisch– Welfare and Equality Officer
Alexa Walbrodt – Arts and Culture Officer
Timothy Yandle – Sports Officer
Katherine Newell – Communications Officer
Bastiaan van Dalen, Sally Taylor, Leda Bousiakou – Social Secretaries
Max Igl – Development Officer
Alex Copestake – Treasurer