My journey to Oxford

16 January 2018

“…joining Oxford was always a childhood dream, I used to read the news and reports about Oxford University […] I read that 42 out of the 56 UK Prime Ministers went to Oxbridge […] with Oxford’s Christ Church College producing 13 UK Prime Ministers […] These staggering statistics demonstrated the class culture entrenched in the English society of which I do not belong. But I kept believing that I can defy this culture and still go to Oxford. So, when you are told to lower your expectations because of your background, don’t bow to that. Never believe in a disempowering statistic…”

hamse abdilahi

Hamse Abdilahi

This is Hamse Abdilahi (MSc Sustainable Urban Development). It’s hard to believe that he had to start his journey to Oxford from a bombed-out school building in Somaliland; a school with no roof, and no guarantee of safety in the midst of war.

Read about his incredible journey and the 10 lessons that he learnt along the way to becoming a postgraduate student at the  University of Oxford Read his story here on the Kellogg Blog.

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