Niki Trigoni and Andrew Markham win US funding for work on emergency response

21 June 2017

Official fellows Professor Niki Trigoni and Associate Professor Andrew Markham have been awarded $1,182,904 for a project researching ‘Pervasive, Accurate and Reliable Location Based Services for Emergency Responders’ by the US Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


This is part of $38.5 million that NIST has given to 33 research and development projects aimed at advancing broadband communications technologies for first responders. The grants are intended to help modernize public safety communications and operations by supporting the migration of data, video and voice communications from mobile radio to a nationwide public safety broadband network, as well as accelerating critical technologies related to indoor location tracking and public safety analytics.

The funding has enabled the team to recruit postdoctoral research associates to work on indoor positioning systems for emergency responders. The project aims to develop pervasive methods that work everywhere – from high rise buildings to deep basements – and which can locate responders in 3D with meter level accuracy. The focus will be on reliability even in adverse conditions. A variety of sensor modalities will be combined, ranging from inertial and visual odometry to 3D localisation using low frequency magnetic fields.

The team is based within Oxford’s Sensor Networks group and collaborates closely with two fire service departments, in the UK and in the US.

A New York fire engine