Our community in pictures

21 June 2016

On Monday 20th June, Kellogg members took photos wherever they were to show the diversity of the international communities in which our members live, work and study.

lucy shaw for web

Fellow Lucy Shaw took the above photo at the Museum of Natural History on Parks Road, Oxford. She wrote, ‘My office is based here although I work across all four of the University’s incredible museums. This photo was taken just before we sat down for the closing dinner of Oxford Cultural Leaders (OCL) in April of this year. The dinner drew to a close our residential programme for cultural leaders from across the globe. We were joined by colleagues from Canada, American, New Zealand, Australia Europe as well as from the UK all of whom were interested in exploring what it means to be an entrepreneurial leader in the cultural sector. This is the second year we’ve run the programme, which we deliver in partnership with colleagues from the Said Business School. It’s an fantastic place to hold a dinner – an incredible building filled with inspiring artefacts, specimens, science and history. Where else can you sit down to a 3 course meal next to a Dodo?’

poppy roworth for web

DPhil student Poppy Roworth submitted the above photo telling us, ‘I am (Alice) Poppy Roworth, a 3rd year DPhil at the Department of Oncology. I live in Oxford and this is a photo of my bench in the lab where I spend most of my time, it has a lot of tubes which I have just labelled for several different ongoing experiments and I am about to pipette loading buffer in to some of them! This is the view I see almost every day of the week.’

John Robertson, sent us the photograph below saying, ‘I’m doing a part time Masters at the Department of Education and I teach French, German and Spanish locally at Matthew Arnold School in Oxford. This is the view from my desk every Monday at around this time just before my year 10 French class arrives and we begin our lesson.’

John Robertson for web

chris byrne for web

Chris Byrne who is studying for an MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care (part-time) is also a Resident Physician in the University of Toronto’s Emergency Medicine Residency Program. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and took this photo (above) in Tommy Thompson Park. He explained that he ‘took this photo during a run following a shift in the Emergency Department. Working in the Emergency Department can be stressful. Since starting my training, I have made an effort to maintain work-life balance, part of which includes prioritizing time for reflection and exercise. I have found running effectively accomplishes both. Tommy Thompson Park is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and offers a beautiful view of Toronto’s skyline.’

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