Robin Cohen edits “indispensble” handbook

19 October 2018

In August 2018 Routledge published a further edition to its series of International Handbooks.  The handbooks offer an overview of key research topics in the fields of behavioural, human and social science.

Edited by Robin Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Development Studies and Senior Research Fellow, and Carolin Fischer, post-doctoral researcher, (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland), the Routledge Handbook of Diaspora Studies is an authoritative collection that explores the evolving use of the concept of diaspora, its possibilities and its limitations.

The word ‘diaspora’ has leapt from its previously confined use – mainly concerned with the dispersion of Jews, Greeks, Armenians and Africans away from their natal homelands – to cover the cases of many other ethnic groups, nationalities and religions. But this ‘horizontal’ scattering of the word to cover the mobility of many groups to many destinations, has been paralleled also by ‘vertical’ leaps, with the word diaspora being deployed to cover more and more phenomena and serve more and more objectives of different actors.

With contributions from over 40 scholars from across the world, according to Routledge, “this Handbook will be indispensable for students undertaking essays, debates and dissertations in the field.”

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