Staying safe online

24 January 2018

On Friday 19th January Richard Kirk, an expert in cybersecurity and Kellogg student on the MSc in Software and Systems Security programme, gave an interesting talk about the vulnerability of our online identities and the big threats hiding in Internet.

After a brief review of Internet history and its massive presence in our daily life, Richard analysed how big hack attacks are becoming common and how vulnerable our online information may be. While there is no shortage of security technology, human error often leads to data breaches and so education is a key factor to help combat this. While the government and organisations are becoming more aware of the large scale of data breaches there is still a lack of investment and awareness in this area.

In order to protect our online identity Richard suggested 4 simple tips:

1) Do not share your passwords with anyone, including family members of friends
2) Create strong passwords (if possible using an automatic generator or avoiding any word which appears in the dictionary)
3) Do not use reuse your passwords (on average we have 25 accounts and just 5 passwords)
4) Use a password manager

Richard recommended the following sites for further information:

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