The Bynum Tudor Lecture

17 March 2017

Marcy McCall MacBain

The 2016 Bynum Tudor Lecture was given by Dr Marcy McCall MacBain, who spoke on: Considering Matters of Education: Perspectives from community to evidence-based philanthropy.

A transcript of the lecture is now available. Click to read the text of the 2016 Bynum Tudor Lecture.

As well as being the Bynum Tudor Fellow, Marcy is a Kellogg alumna. Marcy’s work in the field of Evidence-based Medicine includes looking at how complex interventions such as yoga improve quality of life in adult cancer. She has also worked alongside multiple NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa to improve resource allocation for health care training and delivery, with a special interest in maternal health. She has consulted with the WHO on chronic disease management and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Oxford. Click to read her profile.