Why the social sciences matter

20 March 2015

Jonathan Michie, President and Professor of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange, has edited Why the Social Sciences Matter which is published by Palgrave. In an article on University World News Jonathan writes, ‘Despite various claims over the years about the ‘end of history’, and that ‘there is no such thing as society’, it seems patently clear that society faces problems and challenges as great as ever – whether it’s climate change, increasing inequality or conflict and civil war.

To tackle such issues we first need to understand them, and that requires both data and analysis. Different subject areas have their part to play, from physics to geography and from psychology to international relations. This has led to a welcome recognition that multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary working is vital.

This includes working across, for example, the social sciences – with economists, sociologists, political scientists and others needing to collaborate; it also requires working across the social and natural sciences, most obviously in the area of climate change, so as to understand how to alter corporate and human behaviour to ensure the world changes course in time.’

Read the article in full on University World News. Why the Social Sciences Matter is edited by Jonathan Michie and Gary Cooper and is published by Palgrave.

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