Alan Hudson

Supernumerary Fellow

Department for Continuing Education

MSc MPhil London, MA Oxford, FRSA

Alan Hudson was, until 2003, the Director of Social and Political Science at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education teaching courses on The Politics and Government of the United Kingdom and the European Union, Social Policy and Research Methodologies and Political Ideologies.

Since 2003 he has been Director of Oxford University’s Leadership Programmes for China.  In the last five years he has been responsible for writing the curriculum training programmes in UK public policy and public administration which have been delivered to over 1000 senior Chinese public officials at municipal, provincial and national level including national ministers.  The programmes include the Advanced Leadership Development Programme for those national ministers charged with the strategic implementation of the 11th Five Year plan for a Xiaokang or ‘well balanced society’ of economic development and social justice.

He has wide experience in both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis and acted as consultant in public, private and voluntary sectors.  In the 1990’s he directed a widely cited Attitudes to Work Survey with a national sample.  Subsequently he directed two survey examinations of the social attitudes of the key constituency of Basildon with particular reference to the relationship of the town’s population to central and local government.  The second study was published as Basildon: the mood of the nation (Demos).

More recently he has conducted qualitative research on employer strategies for recruitment, training and promotion in the IT and retail sectors.  He has worked with the King’s Fund on leadership and the community, Shephard Robson Architects and Slough Borough Council on ‘HeART of Slough’ and with numerous agencies on the issue of urban regeneration as well as private companies on human resource issues.

In the last year he has lectured in Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Chengdu and in the UK on issues such as the role of the market in public sector reform and models of public policy in post war Britain. His published work is concerned with the relationship between government and citizen.  He is contributing to a special edition on China of CITY, analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action for publication early in 2008.


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