Anna Badyina

Research Member of Common Room

Research Fellow

Department for Continuing Education

Dr. Anna Badyina is Research Fellow at the Department for Continuing Education, working on a project Smart Shrinkage Solutions – Fostering Resilient Cities in Inner Peripheries of Europe 3S RECIPE, funded by Urban Europe, a joint programme of ESRC and national research councils in the EU (2017-2020). The project explores the problems of cities experiencing shrinkage and possible sustainable and resilient solutions for them.

Her broader research interests lie with the ethics, socio-spatial politics and sustainability innovations of urban development and housing provision. She has developed this research agenda through several academic publications and international policy reports. Since 2008, she has been working with the United National (UN-Habitat, UNDP, UNECE) on issues related to informal settlements, spatial planning and land management, housing sustainability and equity, and environmental challenges and opportunities for human settlements. She has been involved in many related UN missions to different countries and has recently acted as a member of the International Expert Group which drafted the New Urban Agenda. The Agenda was adopted in 2016 at a UN conference and is designed to guide the international and national efforts in the field of urban and housing sustainability for the next two decades.