Junior Dean

Hi everyone! I am Charles, a DPhil student in International Development from Belgium.

My research focuses on the nature-society nexus, more specifically on how infrastructure projects on the coast of Southern Kerala (India) transform the political ecology of the area.

Outside of my research, I am currently cultivating a newfound interest in… cooking! I do find it both exciting and therapeutic, and have a lot of fun trying out different things; although I’ll leave it to others to comment on my skills. I am also particularly fond of (very long) walks and hikes. I also love international travel; life has taken me from the Netherlands, where I grew up, to Switzerland, Japan, India and, obviously, the UK. Living for an extended time in these different places has certainly taught me a lot of things, and I am very hopeful that these experiences will help me be an intuitive, sensitive and sensible Junior Dean.

What attracted me the most to this position is the chance to extend the experience of education beyond its strict academic sense, and thus have the chance to serve at both practical and pastoral levels. My aim is to create a safe, reassuring space for welfare concerns of any kind, for all College members.

I look forward to meeting and working with you, and other College members, to ensure a smooth experience for all, and help keep our community a respectful, inclusive and happy one.