Iris Choi

Junior Research Fellow

Technology Associate

Department of Physics

CPhys MInstP

Iris Choi has been appointed as the Technology Associate for the Oxford-led National Quantum Technology (NQIT) Hub. The flagship goal of Oxford’s £38 million NQIT programme is to build the Q20:20 machine, a fully-functional small quantum computer.

Iris’ role within the NQIT hub is in user engagement activities. She actively seeks out promising quantum technologies and industrial partners for early commercialisation. Tim Cook (Hub Co-Director) and Iris oversee the £4 million user engagement programme. Her duties involve identifying relevant industrial end-users, formulating projects that accelerate NQIT’s deliverables and monitoring the funded project progress.

In addition, Iris is a staff member in the Department of Physics. She leads a £250,000 Innovate UK project as a Co-Investigator in Quantum Wireless Networks. This is a collaborative project with the Department of Engineering, Nokia (Cambridge) and Bay Photonics. Together they investigate the feasibility of short range encryption using quantum cryptography.

Iris is a Chartered Physicist and a member of the Institute of Physics.

Iris has keen interests in organising outreach and trade events. She was on the national committee of the Quantum Technology Showcase Event (Royal Society, London, Nov 2015). She was in charge of the exhibitions of the Quantum UK2015 Conference (Oxford, Sep 2015) and the Oxford Photonics Day (2014 & 2015). She was also involved in the Royal Society Summer Exhibition (2013).

In her spare time, Iris likes learning languages. She can speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin, French and Italian.