Janina Ramirez

Member of Common Room

Department for Continuing Education

BA Oxford, MA PhD York


Dr Janina Ramirez is Director for the Undergraduate Certificate and Diploma in History of Art at Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education. Having completed a PhD on the Symbolic Life of Birds in Anglo-Saxon England, she has gone on to publish many articles, and two monographs; one on ‘The Private Lives of Saints’ (WH Allen, August 2015), and one on ‘Julian of Norwich: An Introduction’ (SPCK, Oct 2016). She lectured at York, Warwick and Winchester Universities before joining the Department in 2009. Janina also works as a broadcaster for the BBC, and has written and presented many documentaries, including ‘Treasures of the Anglo-Saxons’, ‘The Hundred Years War’, and ‘Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings’. Janina is a dedicated lecturer, and would welcome students working on medieval studies, religious art, symbolism, history and the media, and animals/birds in art and literature.