Ken Kahn

Research Member of Common Room

Senior Researcher

Department of Education

Ken Kahn did his doctoral research at the MIT AI Lab in “old-fashioned AI”. There he was first exposed to the ideas of Seymour Papert and Marvin Minsky about how the proper use of computers could change education dramatically. After 12 years of research in programming languages and AI he returned to research on computational learning environments. Ken led a ten-year project in Oxford to support agent-based modelling teaching and research interacted with students and faculty in zoology, sociology, political science, anthropology, archaeology, geography, philosophy, economics, Said business school, and oncology.

Recently he worked together on the EU-funded eCraft2Learn project that aimed to support STEM education at the high school level by combining crafts, 3D printing, electronics, visual programming, and AI programming (which was his focus). He is working a project using machine learning to diagnose finger and toe nail problems.

Ken designed and developed ToonTalk – a programming environment for children where programs are created by demonstration in a game-like virtual world.