Killian Mullan

Research Member of Common Room

Department of Sociology

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Department of Sociology/Centre for Time Use Research

I am a sociologist of the family and my research focuses on how individuals in families spend time together. One strand of my research focuses on parents where I have conducted cross-national research exploring the interplay between social policy settings and how mothers and fathers spend time in paid work, unpaid domestic work and childcare. Similarly in this vein, I have recently completed research looking at father involvement with children in the UK. A second strand of my research focuses on how children and young people spend their time, both with and away from their parents.  I am especially interested in the interplay between socio-economic factors and children and young people’s time use, and the manner in which parents influence their day-to-day activities. My current research, at the Centre for Time Use Research, focuses on children and young people’s time use in cross-national and longitudinal perspective. In addition to these substantive research interests, I work on methodological questions of interest in the field of time use research more generally. Prior to Oxford, I was at the London School of Economics, and I worked for a number of years in Australia at the Social Policy Research Centre (University of New South Wales), and the Australian Institute of Family Studies.