Lisbeth M Brevik

Member of Common Room

Associate Professor

Lisbeth M Brevik is an Associate Professor at the of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo, Norway, where she is leading the research project Vocational and General Students’ Use of English (VOGUE). The project investigates the link between students’ use of English in school – in vocational and general (academic) programmes – and in their leisure time. VOGUE combines analyses of students’ scores on national reading tests, student questionnaires, interviews with students and teachers, and classroom observations. It integrates quantitative and qualitative data from students and teachers at 90 upper secondary schools across Norway. You can read more about VOGUE here.

She is also the coordinator of the video research project Linking Instruction and Student Experiences (LISE). The focus of this project is to examine the link between methods of teaching, through video observations of classroom instruction and students’ views on their instruction, in the school subjects Norwegian (L1), English (L2), French (L3), mathematics, science, and social studies in lower secondary school. You can read more about LISE here.

Originally a secondary school teacher with many years’ experience in the classroom, Lisbeth has also worked as a consultant for the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training regarding the development and evaluation of national reading tests and national exams. Her broader research interests lie with reading comprehension and language development, particularly English as a second language, in teacher education, in secondary schools, and out of school. She has developed this research agenda through several scientific publications and international collaboration. She supervises DPhil candidates and MA students, gives lectures to full time and part time teacher candidates, and professional development courses to teachers across Norway.

Lisbeth has a presence on ResearchGate and and is an Executive board member of the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA). For more information and a full list of publications, visit this page.