Maria Evangelou

Supernumerary Fellow

Lecturer at the Department of Education

Department of Education

Maria’s research has focused predominantly on the evaluation of early childhood interventions.  She has used complementary and rigorous methodologies to explore different aspects of the effectiveness of the Peers Early Education Partnership (PEEP).  She has a strong interest in the areas of parenting education and support, in the language and literacy development of early years and in mixed methods longitudinal designs. She has led many large studies evaluating parenting programmes including the Birth to School Study (BTSS) and the Evaluation of the Early Learning Partnership Project (ELPP).  Maria was awarded the Brian Simon Educational Research Fellowship from the British Educational Research Association (BERA) for 2006/7 for the project: A systematic review on ‘hard-to-reach’ families.  During 2009 she led the literature review on children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development that provided part of an evidence-base which informed the review of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in England in 2010.  She is currently one of the Principal Investigators on a major longitudinal mixed methods National Evaluation of Children’s Centres  (2009-2015) studying their impact on children and families. She is responsible for the parenting strand of the evaluation.