Natalie Hill

Junior Dean

Hello, I’m Natalie, a DPhil student researching Indigenous American History. My background training was in anthropology and art, and I now look at the relationship between some of the northern Plains Native communities and horses, and how those relationships are depicted in art, from c. 1700 to the present day.

I’m very lucky because my research focusses on some of the things I’m passionate about – animals, art, and getting to know people for who they are, not who others think they are. Over the past three years I’ve spent about twelve months out West in the US – Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and up into Alberta, Canada – living with people on Reservations, having conversations with artists and spending time with horses and horse people, for my fieldwork. I am also working on a personal art project, and treasure any time I can spend outdoors in nature, or with animals.

I very much enjoy getting to know people, and helping them where I can, hence being attracted to the Junior Dean role. My previous work in visitor services at the Ashmolean Museum (I love museums) and on the shop floor and as Trainee Manager at Lush (yes, the cosmetics shop!) has provided me with a lot of experience in communicating with different people on a variety of topics, from accessibility to personal welfare issues, to bath bombs! Last year I was Assistant Praefectus at the Balliol graduate centre, so I bring with me the experience of working in a student setting too. These experiences showed me how valuable simple qualities like patience, understanding and a friendly smile can be, and I’ll certainly bring this to the Junior Dean role, as well as the desire to maintain a welcoming, safe and enjoyable college experience for all.

I look forward to meeting you!