Ruth Yeoman

Research Fellow

Saïd Business School

Ruth Yeoman is a Research Fellow at the Saïd Business School and Kellogg College. Her research centres on the ethics and practices of mutuality and meaningfulness. She works with public and private sector organisations on how to apply the values and principles of mutuality in governance, leadership and organisational change. For the Saïd Business School, Ruth is developing with Professor Colin Mayer an innovative research programme, Mutuality in Business, funded by Mars Incorporated. With a team of Oxford Associates, she created a Leadership in Mutuality programme for Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. For Cheshire West and Chester Local Authority, she is examining how the values and principles of mutuality may apply to the system governance of a transforming public service economy. Together with Professor Jonathan Michie, she has been commissioned by the Building Societies Association and the Association of Financial Mutuals to lead a strategic review of mutuality in the UK financial mutuals sector. Recently, she was awarded a John Fell grant to research the theory and practice of meaningful work in collaboration with Oxford and Sussex Universities.  Her book, Meaningful Work and Workplace Democracy: a philosophy of work and a politics of meaningfulness, is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Publications (selected)

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