Sandie Byrne

Official Fellow

University Lecturer and Director of Studies in English Literature and Creative Writing

Faculty of English

Formerly Fellow and Tutor in English at Balliol College, Oxford, and Chair of English at Lincoln University. She teaches English Literature in weekly class and online programmes and on the Foundation Certificate in English and the MSt in Literature and Arts. Her research interests are in twentieth-century poetry and the work of Jane Austen.

Publications include:

Tony Harrison: Loiner (1997)
v.& O: The Poetry of Tony Harrison (1999)
The Unbearable Saki: HH Munro (2003)
Mansfield Park: Reader’s Guide to Essential Criticism (2007)
The Poetry of Ted Hughes (2014)
Jane Austen’s Possessions and Dispossessions: The Significance of Objects (2015)
‘Class’ in Edward Larrissy, ed., The Cambridge Companion to English Poetry 1945-2000 (2016)
‘Satire’ in Dominic Head, ed., The Cambridge History of the Short Story (2016)
‘Black Daisies for the Bride’ in Katarzyna Bronk, ed., Age and Ageing in British Theatre and Drama (2017)