Vanessa Hack


Alumni Relations Officer

+44 (0)1865 612019

Vanessa is responsible for developing relationships with former students of Kellogg, the University’s largest and most international college. This is an unusually diverse group as Kellogg is home not only to full-time graduate students, but also to a significant proportion of the University’s part-time student body. This profile means that Kellogg students bring a wealth of experience from their own personal and professional lives and might live in any part of the world.

Working with Fellows, staff and students, as well as alumni and friends, Vanessa is working to introduce a new programme of reunions, communications and networking opportunities to maintain contact with and between former students in their future lives. Anyone who would like to help, whether with articles for Kellogg College News, setting up a new chapter, or in any other way, is welcome to get in touch. Kellogg is truly fortunate in the kindness of its alumni and friends. Suggestions are always welcome!

Vanessa has worked in communications, alumni relations and fundraising both in the UK and Asia.