Xavier Laurent

Research Member of Common Room

Learning Technologist

Academic IT Services


My academic credentials include a PhD in Psychology with a focus on experimental research, where I developed computerized episodic memory and attention tasks in a virtual environment to quantify memory recall. Both my PhD and current research have prepared me to work in various fields that I am interest in e.g., teaching and learning, experimental psychology and social sciences, for example I am currently co-conducting a pilot project which aims to explore the construction of multimodal communication mechanisms in Russian TV programmes.

As a learning technologist in Academic IT Services, I conduct regular workshops on visual perception and psychology applied to web design, usability testing for virtual learning environment (VLE), and the use of various technologies to support learning and teaching at Oxford.  In the field of learning technology I am keen to investigate how to quantify learning and whether changes in student attainment can be attributed directly to the use of digital technology; more specifically, how can the fields of experimental psychology and neuroscience help to understand and quantify the impact of blended learning technology in a university environment.